August 12, 2010

Forecast: Partly Cloudy!

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I’ve been obsessing over the sky lately.

You know, over the last forty years I didn’t really look up very much. I was interested in what happened in the earthbound plane, and what was happening in space… but I didn’t really think about what was in between. It’s kind of creepy the way the sky just looms over us… occasionally blowing away a trailer park or hitting a golfer with lightning… it’s decisions are swift, and there are no appeals.

I’ve been taking many pictures lately, and much of those shots were directed skyward. I’ve cherry-picked a dozen of the more distinctive of these, and…

You can find them here.

Of course anybody who looks up occasionally knows that you don’t always get the same sky. I’m just a bit surprised at how much it varies in just a couple of weeks.

So picture 2 is exactly how much whipped cream should be found on pumpkin pie. Picture 3 has gorgeous layering. Picture 6… I don’t know what was going on there… Picture 9 – they’re marching in! We’re under attack! And picture 11 should be on a postcard.

Next up: a cavalcade of pictures about dirt!