October 28, 2008

Remember when half a million mattered?

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Let’s pretend I’m a reasonably successful businessman in the United States. I employ, oh, 30 or 40 people, and my income at the end of the year is about $2,500,000. Now, according to the charts I’ll pay about $875,000 in taxes. After all, I’ll be in the 35% bracket.

So along comes a new president, and with his arrival he brings a new taxation style. Because I’m “loaded”, I’ll be asked to pony up an additional $500,000.

So I ask myself… what do I do? Do I suck it up like a good little citizen and cheerfully empty my bank account at his request? Likely not. That half a million has to come from somewhere, and I’m not particularly interested in significantly downgrading my lifestyle to fund a wasteful, oppressive government.

Where does it come from, then? Chances are I’ll reduce the costs of my businesses. I’ll “do more with less” – and that includes people. I’ll reduce salaries and headcount. I’ll make do with one less administrative person, and when idle times come by I’ll be much more diligent about laying people off.

And that, in a nutshell, is why Obama’s bizarre “tax the hell out of the wealthy” plan is going to hurt the middle and lower class. Getting a tax break isn’t much use if you can’t find a job.


October 21, 2008

I Had To Look Twice To Be Sure It Was Real

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Ordinarily I make it a point not to simply direct people to some external resource. This site is about my thoughts, my interpretations, and my opinions, and it’s going to stay that way.

However, CNN has forced my hand. I have no choice but to acknowledge this article because the title is, without doubt, the greatest title in the history of the Cable News Network.

So, without further commentary, and with much immature chortling on my part:

CNN’s Proudest Moment.

This one isn’t as funny in isolation, but it’s an excellent followup.


October 15, 2008

Some Thoughts On The Canadian Federal Election

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As the Conservatives take power once again in a minority government I thought I’d jot down my thoughts on the results.

I’m satisfied. I would have preferred a slim majority, but a strong minority is acceptable.

We’re the only G7 nation with projected growth this year. Changing leadership when you’re the only floating boat seems like a bad idea.

A carbon tax that was really about the environment would be handed back to the province that pays it in order to fund the search for new technologies to reduce emissions. A tax that simply leaves the province and goes east is nothing but a money grab.

Stephane Dion was bound and determined to cripple the real economic engine of Canada – Alberta – in order to gain power in the east. For sanity’s sake, he had to be defeated. If he actually won, I’d like to think some forward-thinking individual would have put a bullet in him eventually.

The idea that a party responsible for wasting billions on a failed gun registry is the right choice to lead us in uncertain economic times is ludicrous.

Jack Layton… what can I say about Jack? The man makes me ill. I’m glad, however, that they robbed the Liberal party of votes on such a large scale.

There’s something darkly comical about the fact that the Marxist-Leninist party had a candidate in my riding. I shouldn’t be surprised. Large numbers of Canadians are very socialist.

I’m ready for western separation, but this will tide us over. Stephen Harper is as good as it gets for Alberta.