April 26, 2010

Getting Back in the Groove

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I have no good reason for not posting recently. I have some ideas, I have some time… I’ve just been lazy. I enjoy writing, and I really enjoy the masturbatory act that is blogging, so why don’t I just resume the practice?

Actually, that’s a very good question. So I will, in fact, resume it.

What to talk about, though? There’s so much material. I can put to death some more cartoon characters, I can discuss the economy, I can expound upon the virtues of some insignificant thing that matters to nobody… and there are at least ten people in the world that will listen to me do it, including my mother who still checks this site every day.

I’d like to say I owe it to people everywhere to continue my opinionated semi-nonsense, but the internet is already a cess-pool of discardable material. Fully nine tenths of stuff published online could be eliminated and the world would be better off – and possibly nine-tenths of my material is included.

Regardless, I shall once again regurgitate the partially digested stuff in my brain, arranging the vomitus in neat little articles on the pages of this site. Tread carefully, lest you get some of it on your shoes.