September 22, 2010


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“The truth is that Bernanke will do whatever it takes to foment another asset bubble,” EuroPacific Capital economist Michael Pento writes. – CNN

Okay, now, I’ve heard the word “foment” before, but I can’t imagine the mindset that makes one use it in public speaking. The only possible reason to say it is to make other people think you’re smarter than you are. Doesn’t work on me. If you say “foment”, I think “pretentious, discardable pinhead.” Language is for communication.

A quick trip to the dictionary actually tells me the following:

foment: (verb) 1. to instigate or foster 2. to apply warm water or medicated liquid, ointments, etc. to the surface of a body

Alright, that’s it. Not only is the use of the word just idiotic, the word itself is ridiculous. We have all sorts of other words that can more clearly describe either process.

I’m calling for an immediate boycott of this word. Let’s strike it from the language! From here on in, if you hear anybody uses the word “foment”, you must immediately obtain a frying pan weighing at least 500 grams and strike them across the back of the head with it.

So sayeth Cranky.


September 10, 2010

Ah… Home.

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Of course, I’m coming from +40 and dry and arriving at +5 and very wet. Wet enough that a bottle of duty-free gin died on the steps of my sister’s home. After a week in Vegas I’m suddenly very aware that Edmonton is a northern city. I’m pleased to be home, but I had a very good time indeed.

Except for the Grand Canyon tour I mostly left my camera in the hotel safe. However, here are some shots that were taken by my compatriot and I.

The Gallery!

Oddly enough, we did very little gambling. Not to say that the money didn’t flow like water… it most certainly did. But it didn’t go to the tables – it went to buying experiences directly. Like, for instance, an amazing meal at Emeril’s.

After all, I can gamble here. I can also gauge distance here – in Vegas I was continually deceived. The hotels are so large they look like they’re very close when they’re actually very far away. We walked many a mile in that seven days.

I shall return! Eventually.


September 4, 2010

The Saga Continues

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Vegas never sleeps… But it does take catnaps. Yesterday was a day of relaxation, of recovery… sort of. The night before was a long one, so the plan was to have a good dinner, go to the concert, and call it an early night.

Instead, we started with an incredible dinner at Emeril’s restaurant. Amazing food. Then we headed to the concert to find that the tickets left for us by the musician were the best seats in the house. Four rows off the floor, dead centre, twenty yards from stage.

Both headliners and the opening act were phenomenal. It was an awesome show. We bought CDs – the least we could do in return.

Then it was off to an Irish pub for a goodnight Guinness. Three goodnight Guinness glasses later we were off once again, and at 7 a.m. we were having a “real” goodnight Guinness with two Canadian women we saved from having to run the gauntlet of sleaze balls on the strip. Despite my attempts to convey our general bad-assedness to them, they correctly identified us as reasonably harmless and useful as pinhead deflection mechanisms. While they were with us, they were left alone.

A friend arrives from Edmonton to join us today. I’m sure this will be another late night. Man, this town will wear you out.