August 26, 2005


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Being a celebrity is tough business sometimes. You may be under scrutiny virtually every instant you are in public… and occasionally in private. Your relationships, your choices, virtually every aspect of your life becomes a matter of public record, and everything is picked over by fans and foes alike. Isn’t that unreasonable?

No, it isn’t.

Get used to it. We, the public, elevate you to a level of status and celebrity. It is on our whim alone that your glory rests. And you crave it. Those that do not crave it do not attain it, save through infamy rather than through fame.

Don’t whine about it like it’s a problem for poor little you. There are solutions. If you don’t want the celebrity, drop out of the life. If you don’t want the fame, don’t play the role.

If you still want to be involved, remember this, attention-seeker:

We own you.

That’s right, through our combined attention, both in terms of money and adoration, you have been purchased, lock, stock and barrel.

Dance, monkey… dance.


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