October 6, 2013


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This morning I awoke and discovered I felt like a nice breakfast was in order. I texted a buddy who lives close by, and who is often amenable to a meal at a nearby restaurant, but he was unavailable, so I set about making it myself.

I allow myself bacon under certain circumstances. I buy it dry cured at a hungarian deli nearby, freeze it individually, and then cut most of the fat away using a small utility knife. A couple of reduced slices of bacon, chopped celery, sliced red onions, and chopped radishes all bound together in a half cup of egg whites became that breakfast. All in all, it was a healthy, crunchy, and tasty way to start the day.

The star, however, was the coffee. I’ve been using my Aeropress for a year or more, adjusting all the variables in search of a really terrific cup of coffee, but thus far it has eluded me. But not today.

In the words of a colleague you have control over three things when it comes to coffee – time, grind, and temperature. I used one and one third scoops of beans ground on “fine” with my grinder, water at 200 degrees,  and four minutes of stirring using the “inverted” method. And the moment that coffee hit my lips, I knew I had nailed it. I had just the right amount of everything.

To prove the point, I made a second cup. Success again. I relaxed on the couch, thoroughly enjoying my coffee while watching GPS on CNN. My cat Thelma must have tuned into my happy zen moment, because she leapt into my lap, settled immediately, and started purring. All was right with the world.

I have no point except that sometimes it’s clear when you get what you’re after, and sometimes it’s just about incremental improvement. If this coffee never gets any better, that’s perfectly fine with me. It’s terrific exactly as it is.


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  1. There really is nothing like a perfect cup of coffee to start a perfect fall weather day.

    Comment by Momter — October 17, 2013 @

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