February 14, 2012

It "IS" Better Than Delivery!

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Today, for whatever reason, I just craved pizza. I haven’t had it in quite a while, but I was thinking about it all the way home. I even wanted pizza from Pizza Hut, and I haven’t had that since my sister worked there as a teenager. That’d be two decades ago.

I drove past one which was close to home, but it was too early in the evening. When I got home I went to their website, and perused the offerings. Right away the classic “Meat Lovers” came to mind.

However, I’ve been trying to avoid meat during the week… and the more I looked at the pizza the less I wanted it. Processed meat and way too much cheese… and even with a small I would eat too much of it, and yet not finish it. Lose, lose. Same for Chicago Deep Dish… way too much terrible awesomeness.

So I looked up Panago, Papa John’s, and even went to Urban Spoon to check out which pizza places rated the highest. The more I looked, the less I wanted it. Then I thought… maybe I’d just like to meet a buddy at Brewster’s next door and have some Won Ton Soup. I called him, but there was no answer.

So, to hell with it. I went into the fridge and came out with seared cajun prawns on a bed of celery, carrots, caramelized onions, and pineapple chunks sauted in a small amount of grapeseed oil.

I’m glad I’m learning to cook.


My dinner.

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