February 22, 2013

2013 – It's All Coming Together

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This year I’m firing on all cylinders. It feels good. For whatever reason, everything is coming together. I’m eating spectacularly well, I’m hitting the gym at least 5 times a week, and I’m reaping the rewards one might expect. The fact that I spent so much time on cooking courses means I can take whole foods and make terrific, healthy meals. I am the fish MASTER – there is no fillet I cannot deal with. I can make the lowly tilapia sing, and I can bring a grown man to tears with my seared salmon.

I’m paying attention to the brain, too. I finished my certificate program the the faculty of extension at the local University after 3 years of night courses, and received approval to start my next one. That will help bridge some of the accounting and macroeconomical gaps in my knowledge. That’s good because I’ve joined the ranks of management at work,which is new for me after 14 years of being a technical guru. It’s a whole different set of skills.

I’m fiscally competent for the first time in my life. I’m carefully managing my investments and really tracking my money. After decades of chaos, I know exactly what goes where, and my balances show it. I’m making careful choices, and foregoing expensive impulse buys. Shortly I will not have a car payment. That might not sound significant to some, but I’ve had a car payment continuously since 1995.

I’m also on track for my 2013 resolution to read one book per week. I bought a new bookshelf to hold the 52 books that await me this year. As I’ve grown older, I’ve come to realize that “garbage in, garbage out” isn’t just a techie motto – it’s true across the board. Throwaway fiction is like junk food. It’s fine once in a while, but it shouldn’t be a dietary staple. On deck is “Mortality”, by Christopher Hitchens. It consists of 7 essays written by one the most brilliant, eloquent jackasses ever to walk the planet, written as esophageal cancer slowly took his life.

The thing that’s interesting to me is that all of this behavioral organization and alignment feels effortless. Perhaps I’m living in the initial glow, and I’ll slowly revert… but at the moment there are no cracks in the cement. Everything’s holding steady.

Man… 2014 could seriously rock too.



  1. I think you’ve managed to define “groovy” 🙂

    Comment by Denis — February 25, 2013 @

  2. A book a week… I remember the days when I could achieve this and more. But of course the books were shorter, and for the most part garbage, and I could read for longer than twenty minutes in bed without falling asleep. I am now considering setting aside Sunday mornings for reading.

    As for reverting to old behavior… I know when I am in the zone, sliding backwards is one of my biggest fears. It’s so easy to let a big life event knock you off. But getting back on gets easier; the recovery is quicker.

    It can be overwhelming doing so much “good” in so many areas of one’s life. My biggest problem is I forget it is all good for me, it is all for my best interests, and I start to feel deprived and pouty. This is when I start to slide. Fortunately a slide backwards, never results in a full scale jumping off the plan. I keep making incremental steps forward. Trying to remain aware and concious of myself and my choices at all times is the hardest work for me… that and cooking fish. I suck at cooking fish.

    Comment by Shannon — February 26, 2013 @

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